iPhone 4 is slower than iPad, benchmarks indicate


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Several benchmarks put iPhone 4 in almost the same league as its bigger brother iPad. While the fourth-generation iPhone emerged 31 percent faster in typical processing tasks and CPU computations over the iPhone 3GS, it came in slightly behind iPad.
This is a brief summary of the benchmarks conducted directly on the devices using the $5 Geekbench 2 app and other benchmarking software, such as Checkup 2 and BenchTest apps. You should take these results with a pinch of salt, however. MacRumors warned that those benchmarking utilities aren’t equalized across different iPhone models and iPad:
The state of benchmarking on iOS seems a bit primitive, and is further complicated by the fact that iOS 4.0 does not run on the iPad
GEEKBENCH iPhone 4 (right) is about one third faster than the iPhone 3GS (left)
The results are interesting because both iPhone 4 and iPad share the same Apple-designed A4 chip that packs in ARM’s Cortex-A8 CPU core, Imagination’s PowerVR SGX535 GPU core, I/O, the memory controller, and 512MB RAM. Compared to a Samsung-built system-on-a-chip powering the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4’s A4 chip sports a higher frequency and double the RAM. Other than that, it shares exactly the same GPU/CPU combo found on the iPhone 3GS.
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BENCHTEST iPhone 4 (left) and iPad (right)