'Internet to run out of IP addresses in 500 days'


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SYDNEY: It has emerged that the IP addresses used in helping to distinguish one computer from another are expected to run out in approximately 500 days.

The unique numbers, which are known as Internet Protocol addresses, help identify the world's networked devices. An IP address uses four numbers from 0 to 255 to mark a computer from another. As an example, computers around the world can recognise the IP address as a server for fairfax.com.au, which publishes the Sydney Morning Herald, which carried the report, online.

There are more than four billion combinations. But the proliferation of networked devices means soon that will no longer be enough. In a way, IP addresses are like phone numbers, which need to be entered correctly if a right connection is to be made. So the ability to uniquely identify everything in the computer world is essential.

The shortage means that every web server, every iPhone, every router and everything else — possibly billions of devices — will need to be reconfigured or upgraded.

Computers now use IP version 4 and have since the 1980s. Its replacement is version 6, known as IPv6. For humans, little will change.


good news for intruders & network hackers! Also, you can send threatening e mails to vvips without worrying of getting caught! :sehaj


Prime VIP
No need to worries, IPv6 is ready in the networking world for some time now. Ipv6 address is 128 bit long as compare to ip4 version which was just 32 bits.

Ipv6 addresses are up and running, most of the big vendors like comcast are using it. Now-a-days vendors buy only those switches/routers/ADC which are Ipv6 compliant.

Networking companies like Brocade provides networking gears who support 664 address translation. Vendors use IPv6 addressing schemes and user can still work with 32 bit ip address.

Don't worry, its a word from R&D engineer. We are already on top of it :cool:.