India can become economically developed by 2020: Kalam


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Chicago April 29:

India can become economically developed by 2020 if it maintains a GDP of 10-11 per cent as there are nine more years to achieve ‘Vision 2020’ goals, former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said.

“We have nine more years for 2020 and if wemaintain 10-11 percent GDP we will be economically developed,” he said before a gathering of prominent Indian businessmen and social leaders at Indian Consulate here.

Mr. Kalam was speaking about the success of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and his ‘Vision 2020’ to make India economically developed by 2020 at the banquet organised by Indian Consul General, in Chicago, Mukta Dutta Tomar in his honour earlier this week. He said that India’s “economic growth must sustain population growth.”

Speaking on India-Pakistan relations the former president said he was confident that India and Pakistan can work for people’s economic development. “Europe fought for more than 100 years for peace and has formed the European Union with 28 members, so why not our South Asian nations?” Mr. Kalam said. He, however, also expressed the need for a corruption-free India for the country’s development.

Talking about his ‘Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA)’ policy, Mr. Kalam said it would bring development in India and bridge the gap. He said there was a digital divide in villages, and the PURA system that has been evolved would bridge the gaps between the villages and cities. Mr. Kalam stressed on the need for a clean and green environment, energy, education for women, control on population, to ensure safe drinking water and adequate amenities in the rural areas in India.

PURA aims at providing urban resources like safe drinking water, street lights, education, healthcare and telecom services in villages. He said that we need to provide adequate amenities to make it sustainable. On Sunday, the former president visited Fermilab in Batavia and later attended a reception at the Oak Brook Mariott hosted by the Indo-American Centre. “I’m delighted to interact with educational leaders,” he said.

Commenting on the Devas Multimedia and ISRO affiliate Antrix scam, in which the private company could have got 70 MHz of spectrum just for Rs 1000 crore, Mr. Kalam said, “We will have to wait for the investigations that are going on.”