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Fundamentals of Network Security
Course Work 1

RTS Transport are a medium sized chemical company based in Dundee. All sales and administrative functions take place at this site. RTS also has two distribution bases, located in Birmingham and Rotterdam (Netherlands). Some important retail customers of the company have operations across Europe and RTS has a team of 12 Logistics specialists who travel internationally in support of these customers. The logistics team use dial-up connections to a network access server in order to access applications on the corporate network in Dundee.

Current Situation

RTS Transport currently have a 10 Mbps leased internet connection from an ISP. At present only senior management personnel are permitted to use the internet connection for web access because of a shortage of IP addresses on the perimeter router.

The corporate LAN at the Dundee site is based on a series of 100 Mbps Ethernet hubs on each floor linked to a central switch. The perimeter router and Network Access Server used by the dial-in users are also connected to the central switch. Users from different departments are located in offices dispersed around the building. The break down of users is as follows:

Staff Department Location
17 Sales Dundee
90 Warehousing 20(Dundee), 30 (Birmingham), 40 (Rotterdam)
60 Administration 50(Dundee), 5 (Birmingham), 5 (Rotterdam)
30 Management Dundee
24 Security 8(Dundee), 8 (Birmingham), 8 (Rotterdam)
230 Distribution 60(Dundee), 80 (Birmingham), 50 (Rotterdam)

The two distribution bases have a limited number of workstations equipped with modems which are used by administrative staff to access the distribution management server located in the Dundee office. However management have found that the telecom charges associated with these links are high due to constant use, and are concerned about the security implications of allowing dial up access to the Dundee LAN.

Two major customers of RTS Transport (Ultimart and MegaSave) have demanded that the company provide them with access to information regarding the movements of trucks and shipments in order to improve supply chain management. These two companies are direct competitors. Management at RTS have decided to replicate relevant shipping information on to two dedicated servers (one for each customer). They have asked that you suggest a solution which will allow each customer to access their dedicated server but prevent them from gaining access to other resources on the RTS Transport corporate LAN (or each others data). Management would like to utilize the existing internet link for this purpose if possible.


Perimeter Security
1. Allow e-mail traffic from the internet to reach the corporate mail server in a more secure configuration than that provided by the present network.
2. Allow the two customers to access their dedicated servers while addressing the concerns mentioned in the previous section.
3. Allow users located on the internal network to browse the internet.
4. Prevent all other traffic from the internet entering the corporate network.

Remote access
1. Allow the sales force to connect to resources in the corporate network, while addressing the concerns mentioned in the previous section (Current Situation).
2. Allow administrative staff at the distribution bases to connect to the central site in a more secure and reliable manner than that currently used.
3. Recommend a LAN design for the sites at Birmingham and Rotterdam (assume 1 PC per administrative department user mentioned in the list above and that all PCs will be located on the same floor of a single building)

1. Propose a detailed addressing scheme which will meet the security and connectivity needs of RTS Transport.
2. Report on any other security problems which you identify and include solutions to these in your design.

Marking Scheme

General format and diagrams (15)
Addressing scheme (15)
Details/description of solution (40)
In depth analysis/issue spotting (30)

Submission of your Coursework

Submit your report ,which must be typed, in a plastic wallet/folder and labelled with your name, course, year, module and group number, to Room M620D.

Your report should be no longer than 2500 words

Submission date:
Friday 20th January 2006 at 3PM

This coursework is worth 15% of the final module mark.


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Dhillon said:
Attachment vich ikk compressed word file aa (ms word file).

i dont have office rt now :( ehnu khol ke isde content ithe paste kardo.


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