If I had one wish...



If i had one wish, my wish would've been you.
You were my only dream, the dream I wanted to come true.
How much did I love you, you didn't have a clue.
I tried telling you about my feelings
but for some reason I hoped you'd knew.
I needed you the same way grass
needs it's morning dew.
You always reminded me of the rainbow all the
colors like green, red, and blue.
I never cared about losing anything
but now my love, I have lost you too.
The harder I tried to forget you the
more pain inside me grew.
I can't complain to anyone about what you
have put me through.
I feel like the captain of the boat who has
lost everything even his crew.
If anybody ever wrote my life you would be on
top of my review



Bhut vadiyaa sehaj veer...Ki haal ne dear...
Dil nu chuu gayi thuvadi eh poem ...
Kaas ke har wish puri ho jandi ......


Jatt Jalandhary
Veer ji bahoot vadiya ji.
1 cheej jo parh k muho nikli oh c "So True".
Dil choon valia gallan ne.
Thanks for sharing......