I was portrayed an idiot by media: Harbhajan


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"If I don't do well you will show me as one of '3 Idiots'. It is a shame and it should not be done" is how Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh said on Thursday lambasting the media for criticising him.

Fuming at the criticism for his poor performance recently, Harbhajan Singh, who helped India win the second Test against South Africa with a five wicket haul, said it was a fitting reminder to the media who have portrayed him as one of the '3 idiots' that he is still a match winner.

"You show Mahendra Singh Dhoni as another '3 idiots'. That is not right, I know it sounds funny but it is not. It is a shame and it should not be done," said Harbhajan.

"I have been hearing a lot of things from the media but today they were on the receiving end. They (media) should be getting that kind of treatment because they should know what to play on national television and what not to play," he added.

Asked about his celebration in front of the press enclosure after clinching the last wicket, the feisty off-spinner said he was angry at the media for picking him whenever he had a lean phase.

"Thanks to all the media, they create sensations that Bhajji is not bowling, that Bhajji is doing this, doing that. We play for our country with a lot of passion and it disappoints all the players sometimes to see what characters they make out of us," Harbhajan said.

"But if that is the way you want to sell your programmes we are not worried about that. I was there for a bigger purpose, I was playing for my country which was more than anything for me. I won a game for my country and that is a special feeling and I am sure the whole country is happy today," said

Harbhajan who finished with five for 59 to give India a dramatic win.

He was also angry that a section of the media said that India's Test number one status was a fluke.

"There has been a lot of talk about us that it was a fluke to be the number one side and all that. It was not a fluke at all, we have worked really hard to reach the top and today we have showed the world that we deserve to be number one," he said.

Harbhajan was though all praise for the South Africans for putting up a tough fight in the series.

"To be honest, South Africa are really a good side and they played fantastic cricket in Nagpur. We played better cricket here and we set our fields, bowled according to the fields and we created pressure.

"We batted well, (VVS) Laxman was special, (MS) Dhoni was brilliant, Sachin (Tendulkar) was amazing and so was Viru (Virender Sehwag). I think overall we played terrific cricket and we are very happy," said the off-spinner.


on off on off......

I think bhajji is slightly over-reacting. If some news channels had called him and other two members as 3 idiots it was probably meant to be funny and also probably by india tv or star news which nobody cares about lolz..... He shud know that everybody loves him. He probably was more frustrated with himself coz recently even part time spinners were doing better than him before this series. :wacko

I agree with him regarding the fluke thing. If any media members said that reaching no. 1 was a fluke then thats not fair coz they have worked hard at it and set out to achieve the target and have done it successfully. so kudos to him and good luck.

in short-
He some times behave very weird..like slapping ur own team mates , fool....hitting the advertisementt board when on field..like a mad/idiot....He should concentrate on bowling/cricket other then all these stupids things...Be a good sports man and don't (he) issues comments on sensitive things thats what we need now from sports persons and as well as celebrities