Humble Request to all UNPians - please take out 5 mins

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Last few days yahan jo bhi ho raha hai its quite disturbing .. war, open hatred .. we are better than this for sure..

Boht logon ne aana band kar diya hai and the trend continues

The question comes where are we going wrong or faltering that this is happening

Kuch cheeze jo meine notice ki hai aur kis tarah we can work on that woh likh rahi hoon.. hope u all will pay heed...

1) Please understand every1 is different - har koi funny nai hota, har koi open nahi hota, every1 is different .. please is baat ko dhyan mein rakh ke communicate karo

2) Not every1 knows u - Aap boht clear hearted hain aur aapke jokes ki koi ill intent nahi hai , we know that.. but saareyan nu es galll da pata hoe e vi zaroori nai .. use discretion plz

3) Refrain from personal comments - aap yahan kisi ko personally nai jaante , isliye aapko personal comments nahi karne chahiye .. plz try to not do it to people u dont know that well

4) Appreciate - kaafi log posts karte hai yahan aur shayad sab pe respond karna possible bhi nai but new contributors ko plz appreciate a little more that we currently do, Wishes mein plz do respond .. case n point JSM bday wish pe 2-3 din tak replies aaye aur doosre members ke hardly.. we luv JSM n know him well but lets plz all at least be active in wishes, members sec etc sections.. ^( JSM example diya personally na lena plz , jst to elaborate diya.. Happy belated budday once more :haha)

5) Lets not ignore - Requests go unanswered , SB ch koi aanda naya banda we hardly respond .. lets plz be more welcoming & friendly

6) Lets not fight - Agar kisi member se issue hai pyar se samjha do (on pm not on forums plz), ya report kar do and if all else fails plz ignore karna shuru kardo but unp nu jung da maidan banaun da koi fayda nai

7) Avoid - Agar kisi member se aapki nahi banti toh plz uske threads pe respond karna avoid karo cuz aapki feeling show ho sakti hai in ur post ... bitterness badhti hai aur kuch nahi

8) Dont fight other's wars - yahan saare apni fights khud kar sakte hai , kisi ke behalf pe na lado plz .. agar woh banda respond nahi kar raha toh shayad woh ladaai mein interested nahi hai.. plz stay out of other's fights

9) Reported Post - Please report karte hue reason definitely do , lets not dishearten people from sharing threads , views etc

10) Tone of words - shouty words (all caps) sarcastic laughter emoticons etc all leave a bad taste .. please , thank u , sorry, go a long way..

11) Use discretion - Agar aap kisi ke shared view/ thread se agree nahi karte ya like nahi karte toh plz uspe comment na karen .. for instance i dont like honey singh aur koi uski pic, biography ya music share karta hai and i write Fukra Kanjar etc etc mein shayad us poster ko offend kar rahi hoon.. he may be a big fan

12) Most important Realise this is Cyber world - Hum yahan sab apne apne reasons se aate hai boredom, fun, music , games ya like in my case firewall :haha yahan aake ladaaiyan dekhna , ya kisi bande ko discourage karte hue dekhna , ignored dekhna, gher ke saare kisi ko baatein suna rahe hain .. yeh sab dekhne koi nahi aata . .there are enough problems in real life, at lease on the net no1 wants to see all of that .. Agar kisi ki baat se offense lo bhi toh socho who is he/she to me shayad aapko uska asli naam bhi na pata ho.. how can u get offended by ek saaya jisse aapka koi lena dena real life mein hai hi nahi

To the TMs Co-Admin , Admin

Absolute power corrupts - kuch feedback aap sab ke liye bhi .. plz jiske threads delete karo usko feedback de do, most importantly plz use powers wisely.. thread close karke aap respond na karo , bewajah SB prune na karo and agar koi member kuch issue raise kare toh plz 1 on 1 handle karo .. not 2-3 Tms at one time .. Its jst feedback plz dont take it negatively .. and plz dont delete this thread at least for a day...

Meine khud inme se kuch kiya hai but I wud like to change that.. kuch aap pe apply karega kuch nai, ho sakta hai aap aisa kuch bhi nahi karte but lets try and change what we can .. Lets plz try & live in peace

Many Thanks
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