Hrithik Roshan admitted to hospital


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Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan had been down with malaria lately and has now been admitted to hospital after getting an allergic reaction from the antibiotics he’s been taking.

The actor who’s been getting rave reviews for his performance in Guzaarish was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai on Sunday afternoon.

Hrithik reportedly developed the allergy after popping in an antibiotic pill before attending the funeral of a paraplegic named Ashutosh with whom Hrithik had spent a lot of time before filming Guzaarish. Ashutosh passed away on Sunday, and Hrithik, despite his poor health, did not want to miss his funeral.

The pill, however, had an allergic reaction, choking Hrithik’s lungs and throat. His lips also swelled.

Doctors at the hospital say Hrithik is now doing fine and will be discharged soon.