How To Unlock All The Stages In Angry Birds


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Angry Birds is one of the famous game amongst mobile user and its already available for Iphone, Nokia and now for Android also, many android user have downloaded this new Angry Birds games for there device but problem is that most of stages are locked and its not easy to clear all stages.

Now you can unlock the different worlds of the game without having to beat each level. And since some of those pigs are impossible to smash, you’ll probably end up doing this.

Now follow this step by step guide to unlock all the stages of the game.

1. Go to a World Select Screen
2. Center a locked world on your screen
3. Hit the back button on your Android phone until you exit Angry Birds
4. Load Angry Birds back up
5. When you see the ‘Play’ button, tap the button repeatedly
6. You’re now inside a locked world