How To Motivate Kids


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Becoming parents is a blessing that every one wants to enjoy, but know that it comes with its own share of responsibilities and duties, for parenting children is one of the toughest tasks at hand. As parents, you are solely responsible for a life that is completely dependent on you for everything. While taking care of the physical needs is extremely easy, it is the emotional and psychological need that takes a prime importance in the overall upbringing. When a child is in his/her growing years, he/she needs constant backing and support for everything he/she does. Motivation acts as a pillar for him/her, that helps the child understand what he/she is expected to do and what not. It not only keeps the child happy, but also encourages him/her to keep up the good work that he/she has been doing. In the long run, it is motivation that encourages a child to do good things in life. However, not all children are the same and therefore, there are different ways to encourage or motivate these little kids. While some may prefer rewards for the good deeds that they have done, for others words are not enough. We give you a list of some tips to motivate children.

Motivating Children

Speak Words Of Encouragement
Always remember to praise your child’s attempt at good work. Keep reminding him/her that what he/she did was the sign of a good boy/girl. It is the parents who know the child the best and therefore, it is the parents who have to decide on the way to keep their children motivated. One thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that parents should always praise their children every time the little ones come up with a good performance.

Reward Your Child
There are some children who love gifts or awards like chocolates and ice creams. Tokens of appreciation should always be kept ready by parents. Though you cannot encourage your child to have more sweets than what the doctor has allowed him/her to have, a candy once in a while for good work will do no harm! These gifts would act as positive reinforcements for the children and would encourage them to work harder and better.

Show Signs Of Appreciation
Words and rewards apart, you can also arrange for some fun posters inside the house which will remind your child of the appreciation that he/she received when he/she did something good. For example, a poster with a smiley and a written account of the good deed on the part of your child in his/her room will keep him/her motivated towards good. This practice will also motivate his/her friends, when they visit.

Age Factor
While little children are happy with a candy, teenagers will not settle for a chocolate as a motivational gift. You have to remember the age and decide on your motivational tricks. A teen will mostly want extra allowances, more play hours or more time in front of the computer. If his/her act was really good, do not refrain from awarding them these brownie points. Who knows, in the greed of being rewarded, the child would never go astray.

Motivation Is A Privilege
Always keep in mind that motivation is a privilege that good children should enjoy. Do not make kids feel that you are doing them a favor by rewarding them; else they will not want to do the same task once again. Don’t be bias and reward only when the child actually comes up with a good work.

Stress On The Good
Put more stress on your child’s good characteristics rather than the bad. By doing so, you will in reality motivate the kid towards trying his/her best to do good.

Note: Positive reinforcements in the form of goodies and chocolates are good, but don’t use them too often for else, chances are that the child would connect every good work with a gift. This can be problematic when he/she grows up.

Motivation is a very important way to keep your children on the right track in life. Mere motivation can help kids grow up into good responsible adults.