How To Lose A Beer Belly


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Yes, come in! Please have a seat! How’re you feeling today? “A little heavy” Great, we’re going to run through some tests to make sure if it’s what we think it is. Okay, test no. 1 - Stand straight and try to locate your toes. Can you see them? “No!” Can’t locate the toes; check! Test no. 2 - place both your hands on each side of your waist and shake it. Are you able to shake your belly like a jelly? Kung fu panda impersonator; check! Test no. 3 – here’s a can of beer, drink it at your normal pace and we’ll have the timer on. What, is the can empty already? Finished one can of beer in under 2 minutes; check! Okay we’re done with the tests; one last question – how much do you eat and how many times do you exercise? “A lot and zero times!” Yeah, that’s what we were afraid of; you have a beer belly! A beer belly isn’t a fat tummy that you get because of drinking beer; rather it’s a fat tummy you get because of drinking a lot of beer. According to wikipedia, a beer belly doesn’t necessarily means a tummy enlarged through beer consumption, but is just a colloquial reference to abdominal obesity; the reasons for which range from energy imbalance to overeating. And the health effect it brings with itself is nothing short of being destructive. Therefore, it’s recommended to get rid of this belly as soon as possible. Here’s how!

Losing Beer Belly

Cut Down On Beer
If you’re an avid drinker of beer or any other alcoholic beverages for that matter (refer to test no. 3) and drink too much of it one go; beer may be your primary reason for having a beer belly. So, cutting down on it only seems a natural suggestion. It has been said that drinking alcohol evenly spread out over a week will help in not giving you a beer belly. Go easy on it. Don’t drink too much of it in one day and don’t gulp whatever amount of it you drink.

Doctor Doctor!
If your belly has grown in abnormally large proportions and nothing seems to stand the sheer force of it; it’s time you see a good doctor or a physician. All the information related to your dietary schedule and past medical history will help him reach the crux of the problem of your inflated tummy. Sometimes, it’s neither alcohol consumption nor overeating that concludes in a beer belly. It’s just a hormonal imbalance or genes. And a proper diagnosis and treatment by the physician will help in shedding the fat off your belly.

Run Lola Run!
It doesn’t mean run; it means make an effort (the way Lola did in the classic film Run Lola Run). Include physical activities like workout and recreational activities like walking/jogging, cycling, and swimming in your daily schedule. If want to workout, chose a gym with a qualified personal trainer who can guide you through the process of losing your tummy. Regular walking on treadmill along with cardio exercises will help you get in shape. Walking, cycling, and swimming will not only help in losing the weight, but are also great as stress busters.

Eat Right
You’ll have to go easy on the eating part too. Avoid food items that have high amount of trans fat in them which can add extra layers of fat to the tummy. These items include most of the stuff out there that are commonly referred to as junk food like chips, crackers, and fried food items (French fries, doughnuts and hamburgers). Include high fibred and fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains like wheat, corn, and rice in your diet. Consume as much of water as you can as it will drive the toxins out of the body and help you lose weight on the belly. It’ll also help if you can avoid eating just before bed as it’s recommended to have a gap of at least 2 hours between the two.

Agreed, losing beer belly demands for some effort to be put in, but the payoffs will be worth the effort.