How to improve the education system?


Do u think ther is ny need to change the education system in india if yes ,then at what level these changes shd b made n how they gonna effect a child psyche?


  • shift from imparting theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge
  • foster team spirit through various programs
  • bring awareness about culture and religion
  • focus equally on mental, physical and spiritual growth
  • reduce class strengths so that teachers can give proper attendance to each and every kid
  • children should be comfortable enough to share their fears and concerns


New member
The system of education in India should be learning-centric rather
than exam-centric. Children must be allowed to choose subjects
according to their interests. Instead of gaining knowledge from
voluminous books and lectures, children must be made to interact in
groups and express their views on various topics. Rather than taking
notes from the teacher and textbooks, children must be made to
research information on their own from library books and the Internet
and share them in the class. This will help them develop good reading
habits, self-confidence and openness to criticism. It will also help
them in developing critical reading and analytical skills. Children
will be able to remember what they learn when they apply it
practically. They must be taken on field trips to museums, labs,
planetariums, excavation sites, botanical gardens, etc. where they can
learn by interacting with knowledgeable and experienced people in
varied fields. It will also help them improve their communication

Mandeep Kaur Guraya

sab ton pahlaan tan jehda ratta system hai ohh change karo....bache samajhan di jagah ratte maarde ne pdaayee nu te at the at gain kujh v nahi hunda...bass exam jarur paas kar jaande ne...isda sab ton vadda doshi hai teacher...teacher nu ohh bache vadh pasand ne jo usnu kitaab da ratteya rtaya answer den..instead of those jo ki samajh ke apne shabda ch jawab den....bacheyaan nu practical knowledge ghat hundi hai te theory de ratte jyada maare hunde ne... uston di ajkal ine schools khul gaye ne punjab ch ki competition de chakkar ch bacheyaan te bojh bahut vadha dita gya hai..jis umar ch assi sirf udda aida sikhde c us umar ch hun bache sentences likhde ne.... te je na karan tan maa baap tang karde ne..akhe flaane da bacha kinni vadhiyaa english bolda hai..te tu ajje tak kujh v nahi sikheya...bass fer ki chuko bache da bag te usnu flaane de bache de school ch puva deyo..jithe pahlaan hi ina pressure c uthe school ik duje ton agge nikalan de chakkar ch bacheyaan te hor v pressure paunde ne.... all in all..system sirf tuhade mere chaan naal nahi balki maa baap di soch badalan naal, schoolaan di agge nikalan di hod rukan naal, te practical claasan nu twajon den naal hi sudhar sakda hai eh system...

Rabb ajkal de bacheyaan nu maa baap te teachers diyaan expectation puriyaan karan da te vaddiyaan vaddiyaan pothiyaan bachpan ch hi padan da haunsla bakshe :pr :pr