How To Get Toned Arms


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Have fluffy and fatty arms? Want to get them toned? People, especially women, often get worried as to how to make their fluffy arms thin and toned. The presence of huge amount of fat cells in many parts of the body, including arms, is responsible for the fluffiness. As the number of fat cells depends on genetic factors, rigorous exercises are required to make them toned. Also, shifting fat to other parts of the body takes time. By simply including some arm workouts in your daily cardiovascular exercise routine, you can get beautifully toned arms. Cardio exercises are necessary to burn calories and excess fat in the particular fatty part of your body. These exercises must be combined with proper balanced diet to boost your output. The combination of muscles called biceps and triceps is referred to as arms. The exercises put direct stress on these two muscles and cause them to firm up at a faster rate. However, these exercises need to be done with great discipline and consistency. Also, before exercising, you need to make a proper working out plan. Dividing your arms into two parts biceps and triceps and including different exercise to tone each is a great way to tone the arms. In the below line, we have mentioned great exercises to get toned arms.

Exercises To Get Toned Arms

Bicep Curls

This is the best barbell exercise to tone up the arms, especially for men. You need to stand straight and hold the barbell with the palms facing towards you. Keep your shoulders width apart, your elbows closer to the body and look straight. Now, start curling the bar by contracting the bicep muscles and move your muscles up as much as you can. Remember not to bring your shoulder muscles into the play while doing this exercise. Exhale as your hands go up and inhale as they come down to the initial position. You can do this exercise while standing up and sitting down.

Bench Dips
This exercise is especially meant for women who want to tone up their arms, without lifting heavy equipments. Stand in a position with a bench placed behind you. Now put your palms on the edge of the bench and make sure that your arms are straight. Slide your feet in front so that your torso is perpendicular to the floor. Then move downwards by bending your elbows till the angle between your forearm and biceps is less than 90 degrees. Inhale when moving down and exhale while coming up. While doing the exercise, your elbows should be tucked in and pointing back. This exercise will help in toning the triceps.

Barbell Curls
Hold a barbell with your palms facing towards you and sit on a flat bench. Keep the feet little wider than the normal shoulder width apart. Next place your forearms on your thighs. This makes the starting point of your wrists end up on the edge of your knees. Now slowly move the barbell lower as far as you can and bring it back as much as you can. Inhale as you lower the barbells and exhale while moving them up. This twisting motion puts a strain on your forearms and proves to be a good workout.

Overhead Triceps
This will help in stretching the triceps. Sit on a chair and hold one barbell/dumbbell with the help of both the hands. Then lift it over your head. Slowly lower it behind your head and then lift up. Do it for 5-6 times.

Triceps Kickbacks
Take a flat bench and get down on it with your knees. Now put one hand on the bench in front of you so that your body becomes parallel to the bench. Hold the barbell on the other hand and keeping the elbows closer to the body, extending your arms. Extend it behind as far as possible. Repeat it for 5-6 times. Repeat this with the other arm.

Cardio and Diet

A good diet and cardio planning is required to support the arms workout. A cardio routine must be followed for more than 40 minutes on an every day basis. Add a variety of workouts and cardiovascular exercises in your planning. The diet should include lot of vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products and proteins. No matter how much time it takes to tone and shape your arms, you should show dedication and consistency towards your workout. Also, contact your physician before going for these exercises.

Implementing these exercises and coupling them with a proper diet plan, you can get thin and toned arms easily. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!