How to Apply Hair Serum

Coloring, styling, highlighting, or simply brushing your hair (especially if you’re doing it vigorously) may indirectly abuse your hair if it’s done frequently, causing your hair to frizz. The solution? Use a hair serum to tame the frizz and maintain your hair to make it soft, shiny, and healthy.

What is a hair serum?

Basically, think of hair serum as a moisturizer for your hair. Hair serum is another product to restore your hair from the regular styling that can be hazardous to your locks, making it dull and dry. Use it after shampooing and conditioning; hair serum works by replacing your hair’s natural oil which is lost during styling (that can cause product and chemical buildup, stripping away natural oils of your hair) and over-exposure to sunrays, restoring it to full health. It makes your hair shinier and doesn’t make your hair tangle, making it easier for you to brush and style your hair and preventing your hair from breakage. It does sounds like hair serum is only suitable for coarse, dry, and damaged hair (the intended use), but it works well with normal hair too.

How to apply hair serum:

Hair serum works by coating the ingredients (the main ingredient of a hair serum is silicon oil) and nutrients on each strand of your hair, forming a protective layer. To use the hair serum, first rinse your hair with cold water after shampooing to close the pores on your scalp. Place a few drops of hair serum on the palms of your hands, and apply to your hair evenly from the roots to the tip. You may apply more according to the condition of your hair (curly hair tends to use more hair serum compared to straight hair). Then let your hair dry normally. Be sure to avoid applying the serum on the scalp to avoid it becoming oily (and it tends to form dandruff after buildup).

Once you’re done, style your hair as you normally would, as hair serum protects your hair from further damage. And the good thing about hair serum is it lasts until the next hair wash.


This may sound like a pricey product, but actually a hair serum costs not more than €20 and is available widely at supermarkets and beauty-supply stores. There are many brands available, and you can ask a hairstylist to recommend a hair serum that would be best for you. It’s a good idea to choose a hair serum that has UV protection so you won’t worry about leaving your hair exposed when you’re out and about. And there are hair serums in spray form to make your job easier.

And believe me, regularly applying hair serum to maintain the health of your hair saves a lot of money after countless hair-damaging perms and coloring your hair.

Hair serum is easy and affordable to use regularly; and there’s no reason for not pampering your hair. Nourish your hair and restore it to full vitality.