Here is what happens in a minute of Internet in 2013:

416 Website hacking attempts are made
12 Websites are hacked
20 New victims of identity theft are recognized
157036 cases of financial loses in some way occur
5 new Wikipedia articles are created
50 new blog posts are created
70 new domains are registered
435 new email accounts are created
717 new people get on the Internet
1500 new blog posts are made
171366 GB of files are shared
370000 Skype calls are made
639800 GB of Global data transfered
694445 Google searches made
86000000 Spam emails received
168000000 Emails sent
14 new songs on Spotify
600 Youtube video uploads
6600 Flickr photos uploaded
3600 Instagram photo shares
1300000 YouTube videos played
20000000 Flickr photo views
100 New LinkedIn accounts created
320 new Twitter accounts created
411 new Facebook users
20000 new tumblr photos
11805 Active Pinterest users
27777 Active Twitter users
100000 New Tweets
79364 new Facebook wall posts
173611 new pictures uploaded on Facebook
510040 new comments on Facebook


•Speak little, do much•
Here is what happens in a minute of Internet