Here comes FREE GPRS For ur mobiles only


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Here comes FREE GPRS For ur mobiles only

A 100% working trick in all india with the Contribution of AV2006So now i think i should reveal this one for all of my USERS, so that they can browse in there mobiles100% free of cost including all secure sites at speed of light (But only browsing no downloading :
All you have to do is:~!~ Goto ??Cl Smooth Crew?????????---?? , From wap orDirect download @ 145kband Download there Browser ... Remember its for Midp 2.0 handsets only .
In case If you have Airtel live only then dont worry i have a Free download link for you too of ani/copy/hac_king/TeaShark-312 MIDP2.0.jar~!~ Install it in your mobile n select Airtel live Paid profile (Yes original 30paisa/20kb profile) n start browsing :
So hack is if you browse through TEAshark then u'll not charged For your DATA .
O ! Yes its free from teashark but remember its only WEB-BROWSER not WAP BUT for what i am here???? idea . Within Teashark make a bookmark of Proxy.WapStart n Use it for all Wap-sitesAt same speed as surfing directly 8-)
At present this browser is in alpha stage so it have lots of problem n bugs too including LOGIN problem butsoon when they'll release its stable version thn we have lot of more features to enjoy more free gprs nHope downloading too ..................!!!

Eh tarika working aa :y par fer vi je na challeya ta menu kuch na kahe oo :an