Here comes Caterina Lopez


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Caterina Lopez is pop star Jennifer Lopez's cousin and loves everything about Bollywood — its song-dance culture, superstar Shah Rukh Khan and its fun experience. She feels that Hollywood has become too repetitive and says she bows down to the "beautiful Sheilas and Munnis" as they are "awesome".

She will make her Bollywood debut with an item song in the movie Bhindi Baazaar. Inc.

"Bollywood style of dancing is not easy. Everybody thinks it is easy, but it's not! I bow down to beautiful Sheilas and Munnis because they are awesome. I am getting the hang of it," Lopez, a trained hip-hop and salsa dancer, said.

"I feel Hollywood needs to change things around as the movies are becoming too repetitive. May be they could just start having some singing and dancing in their movies.

"In Bollywood films, you have a lot of singing and dancing whereas Hollywood is just about acting. So I find Bollywood really attractive, it's fun," she added.

Lopez is ready to woo Indian audiences with her grooves in the item song Taan ke seena and says it was quite a challenge for her.

"For me, learning Hindi words, being able to lip sync them and pronoucing them correctly was definitely difficult, but it was a good learning experience," she said.

Lopez wants to do an item song with Akshay Kumar.

"I have a huge crush on Shah Rukh Khan, I haven't got a chance to meet him but hopefully I will. His smile is amazing and he is very smart. The way he promotes and pushes himself, it's very fascinating. Imran Khan is a very good actor. I saw him in Luck and he was amazing," she said.

"I really want to do an item song with Akshay Kumar because I feel we will have the best chemistry ever; he seems like so hilarious, I like him," she added.