Happy mother's day



Where will this world be without you
Who will know and feel what Love is
It is you who brought us here and filled
With sweetness and joy that Love is

With tender care and loving touch
Of your hands and hugs you held us
With love radiating from you always
You nourished our minds that is us

With sweet nothings you called us
Countless names of your adoration
Your eyes showered us with nectar
Of devotion you have and veneration

Of this life you brought down to earth
Who smiled at you with an angel face
You kissed caressed and made us feel
We were your life you were our grace

Trusting us to none but your own self
You reared us big from little nothings
Feeding us right and love of your gaze
Kept us out of harm's way of all things

You taught us to speak and tutored
To grow up with values of good kind
Like a noble and kind human you are
Respect and love for others in mind

Emperors kings princes and prophets
Saints and saviors you bore and raised
To rule protect guide lead and serve
Their glorious deeds left others amazed

God made the world takes care of it
So did you a little world of your own
Sons daughters grand children a home
From two of you a family has grown

A little universe we were brought up in
Like God wanted Himself to replicate
On this planet He ever watches the Play
Of His children the drama they create

We wonder where lies the difference
Between you and God both act the same
Create life and care with absolute Love
Like a Little God to us you gladly came

No words or deeds enough to thank you
For sacrifices made and gifts you gave us
May God's blessings be always with you
As a beacon of light you showered on us