GTA V PC Pre-Orders might start on January 31st


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GTA V PC Pre-Orders might start on January 31st

Grand Theft Auto V is really an impressive game and is being loved by gaming fans around the globe. Currently GTA V is only available for PS3 and Xbox 360 users and Rockstar has yet not announced any details, whether this game will be coming to PC or not.

However before the official announcement, we are now hearing that pre-orders for the PC version of GTA V game are expected to start on coming Friday, January 31st. Thanks to a Sweden retailer Elgiganten, better known as the Dixons Retail group of companies, for providing this news.

In a past few days, we had already seen various GTA V PC Pre-orders page which were made online accidentally, but they were taken down very soon. So, we can’t say whether this time the pre-order page will be there or not. Let’s see what happens on Friday.