Growing up in the 1990's... it was awesome!!!

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The best innovative idea of those days... taught by dad

This was the password mechanism used by parents to lock the phone those days...

The most favorite program on TV and everyone in family waited for the sunday every week for this.

Best animation program of that time....

Magnetic Pencil box.., Prized belonging of every kid.

Cant imagine now.. how we waited so patiently those days...

This was an usual annoying stuff to be seen in the monitors...

We really believed this was Japanese technology and used to admire as kids...

The one thing that made kids feel like geniuses in maths class.

Music collection meant this and not CDs, MP3s or ipods

The best friends of every kid in 90's

boys felt like 007 with this toy gun

Most common clip on TV those days...

Favorite characters of all kids.. never felt tired watching

Not too many choices with very few TV channels.. but we still had many favorite shows

Video game in those days meant only this - the brick game. but this created a sensation among kids more than candy crush saga now.

Favorite drink

These pencils were considered elite during 90's and it made heads turn when someone used it.

This was real fun

Pan pasand... best candy those days.

Camera meant only this and not digital. Every shot was precious and not to be wasted.

Tiring job when school reopened after vacation.

A good substitute for real cola

Most favorite summer special..!

Those who grew up in the 90's can easily recognize this.


Miss Alone

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Toys that each came free with complan, created a collection spree among kids

music lovers had one, the 'ever-struck' machine

School PT master insisted to use this daily, but we ignored..


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