Group Therapy Activities


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Emotional breakdown, depression and a variety of psychological conditions causes people to lose their self confidence and makes them withdraw from social life. Such people need help to regain their confidence and get back on track. One effective way which can be used to help people overcome psycho-emotional problems is by ‘group therapy activities’. Group therapy activities also known as psychotherapy involves treatment of more than one patient at a time and has been used by several self help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous since the 1930s. The motive behind starting group therapy is to let individuals share their feelings with others experiencing the similar situations. Group activities are conducted among the clients and are used as mediums to help them cope with behavioral issues as a team. People of the same background are brought together to perform various therapy activities which in turn help them come out of their emotional barricades. To learn more on group therapy activities, read on.

Activities For Group Therapy

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers will make people get used to each other and will make everyone comfortable in the group. Ice breakers act like energizers; these are warm up activities that help in creating a positive atmosphere. Ice breakers help participants relax, break out of any barriers, and act as motivational forces. Animal sounds are great ice breaking group therapy activities. You will have to blindfold the participants and assign each of them an animal’s name. Make the team members recognize each other by the animal sound they make.

Trust And Relationship Activities
People suffering from some sort of a psychological disorder or those who are mentally disturbed and depressed often find it difficult to deal with relationships, both personal as well as professional. A group therapy activity like ‘mine field’ will help develop a sense of dependency, trust and togetherness in such people. In order to perform the activity, divide the members in pairs of two and blindfold one of them. Scatter some objects around the room and make one person give instructions to the blindfolded member of the team to collect all the objects. Assess the level of trust developed by each member at the end of the game and provide feedback to each member individually. Make the member go through the analysis. This is the only way for them to learn how to trust others and how to strike a relation.

Self awareness activities, as the name implies help people understand their inner self. There are several games that you can organize that will help the members to discover themselves. ‘Fear in hat’ is one such game in which you ask the members to anonymously write down their fears on a piece of paper. You collect the papers in a hat and then one by one each person gets up and reads out a fear and explains how a person might feel. Talking about the fear provides a better understanding of the same and also helps the person deal with it effectively in the future. ‘Solo hour in nature’ is yet another interesting and helpful game to play which provides the members with the opportunity to be one with nature and then reflect upon their experience.

Recreation Activities

Recreation activities are designed for stress management. Recreation activities involve stuff like dancing, painting, composing and listening to music. These activities bring forth the creativity of the members and provide them a path to express themselves. Making the members indulge in such activities trains their minds and the mind starts craving for more knowledge.

In this group therapy activity each member narrates his/her experiences from life to other members. This exercise is an essential follow up to the trust building exercise conducted earlier. This might be an opportunity for certain group members who were reluctant to open up earlier to share their life with others and to mingle well with others as well.

Group therapy activities are essential and advantageous for various people suffering from emotional and psychological problems as these activities can help them deal with an array of shortcomings ranging from psychological, emotional and physical disabilities.