Google Plus hacks


joban dhillon
Google Plus hacks

Google Plus is considered as a rival of facebook and its mega success has attracted many millions of users over a very short time as well. Here is the Cheat Sheet for Some Cool Tricks about the google plus Users. Since google plus is still a new player in the social networking
Hacks For the Status Updates :
¦By writing text between * it gets bold.If you write *word* it will become word
¦By writing text between _ it gets underlined.If you write _word_ it will become word
¦By writing text between - it gets strikethrough.
Here Are few other cool tricks you can also try :
¦Google+ supports Drag and Drop,so you can share things like links,photos,videos by directly dropping them into Share box
¦To mention someone in your comments use + or @ before writing their name.
¦Google+ doesn’t have private messages but you can share a post with only specific friends and don’t forget to disable Reshare
¦To get permalink of any post click on the timestamp of that post.
¦Public and Private posts are differenced by colors; Green = Public, Blue = Limited to circles
A few Shortcuts on Google Plus :
1.Space=Scroll Down
2.Shift+Space=Scroll up
3.J=Single Post Down Scroll
4.K=Single Post Up Scroll
5.Q=Jump to Chat
6.Return=Start Comment

You can Like any post by clicking on +1 button and unlike it by again clicking on +1 button.If you know any other trick that has not been shared here then Do share it by posting a comment. Also Like or +1 this post to share these cool Google+ tricks with your friends.
arena, it will definitely need time for hackers to figure out tricks and hacks for g+. However you can go for the following tricks then.