First Nissan GTR Delivered in Australia


Proof of love is TRUST
It’s been a long, long road, from first announcements in February 2008 to here but the first Australian specification GT-R has been delivered to it’s new owner, Andrew Richmond, this morning at 12:01am, 1st April 2009 at the Ferntree Gully dealership in Victoria, Australia.
Andrew, has been a GT-R enthusiast and owner going back numerous years having participated in racing his R34 GT-R V-Spec at a club level. He also is a active participant in the Skylines Australia Victoria car club and was Victorian Club President for two years in a row. Some of the guys from the Skylines Australia club probably know him best as Snowy.
His reason for deciding that the new R35 was the car for him was simple;
“Experience dictates that the new GT-R was the best valued sports car on the planet”
Deliveries to other pre-order customers are being made as of this week y so it shouldn’t be too long before you start seeing the 2009 version of Godzilla on Australian roads.
Nissan Motors Australia is taking the new GT-R seriously and recognises the level of service that GT-R buyers expect. They’ve certified just 11 dealers Australia wide that must be specially prepared with equipment and staff training.
We’ll be checking back in with Andrew when he’s done a few k’s on Australian roads in his Australian R35 GT-R to see what his driving impressions are so check back soon…

Thanks to Nissan Motors Australia for the images.

Link: Nissan Australia GT-R Official Website
Link: Nissan Australia Certified Dealers



Codename 47
Re: First Nissan GTR Delivered in Austra

wooooop wooooop...
i love this car. .i ve seen in the car show. .are you in melbourne veere?
Frentee gully is just near my house.. on Stud road ..
Coz i am working near richmond.. i mean just 10 minutes away. i can see the Melbourne Cricket Ground from the building where i work..

Nissan GTR is one of the finest Concepts ever made.. Skylines are the best sports car you can ever get
you can have Skyline R32,33,34 and then V35
you can get a Non Turbo rear wheel drive, Non Turbo 4 wheel drives
GTST ( Single Turbo) rear wheel Drive and GTST Four wheel drives
But if you talk about GTR models like
GT-R 32, GT-R 33, GT R 34
They are Twin Turbo , 4 wheel drive..
The most expensive and best ones you get are
Skylines GT-R Vspecs
and Nissan GT-R 35.. the one in the picture is about 140,000 dollars in Australia and it goes faster than Porsche. one of the first car in its range to beat Porsche.
Cant go wrong with that.:)