First-ever Urdu radio station launched in India

First-ever Urdu radio station launched in India

[ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2006 09:50:56 AM]
NEW DELHI: Leading digital radio services provider WorldSpace Thursday launched Falak, the first-ever round-the-clock Urdu radio station in the country.

Named after the Urdu word for 'sky', the channel aims to showcase the vast repertoire of Urdu music and celebrate the rich cultural heritage associated with the language of the imperial Mughal courts.

Music aficionados now can revel in the soothing yet powerful voices of legends like Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Iqbal Bano, Tahira Saiyad, Farida Khanam, Reshma, Abida Parveen and the legendry Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

"We are delighted to launch the country's first exclusive Urdu radio station and look forward to celebrating the mystery and beauty of the language of a bygone era with listeners across the country," said Shishir Lall, managing director of WorldSpace India while speaking at the launch here.

"Falak will now enable music lovers to go back in time and indulge in the lyrical sounds of Urdu."

The programmes include "Taareekh Key Jharokhey Sey" - a look into the history of various important cities, places of interest and monuments; "Filmy Saugaat" - film songs featuring Urdu lyrics from India and Pakistan; "Sabiha Fazal" - a specialist presenter who excels in his knowledge of Hindustani and Pakistani film music; "Bazm-E-Khanam" - a special programme for women and "Sufiyana Kalaam" - a special programme featuring Sufi qawwalis and poetry, among others.