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Q. A Woman was driving a *Maruti* car. She mistakenly hit a *BMW* car.

The lady came out from her BMW, insulting the other lady for not being careful, asking her to repair her BMW

The Maruti car Woman called *her husband*, he replied -"I am very busy & please try fix up the Matter by urself"

The BMW lady called her *Boyfriend* and said *Sweetheart someone just hit the Birthday Gift you gave me,* I am so angry, please come over.."

Few minutes later her *Boyfriend arrived.* He is the *Husband* to the lady with the *Maruti* car!!!!

Discuss the possible *legal consequences* for all 3 parties.. (20 Marks).😉😜😂😂🤣🤣😬😬

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I know section 497 of ipc Android veere . I want to know any other section of ipc or other law time being in force define about it... According my knowlegde our law is salient in the respect of it ...
Thank you so much indeed for your valuable opinion.


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As far as other laws are concerned grounds for divorce are mutual for both husband and wife and some exclusive grounds are also available for wife, both can claim maintenance under hindu marriage act, but wife can also claim maintenance under Crpc 125,
Domestic violence act, section 498A only husband and his relatives are liable not wife if husband commits suicide or is treated with cruelty,
There are plenty of them :p
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