Farah Khan: Akshay is just a mazdoor

Farah Khan: Akshay is just a mazdoor​

With her film TEES MAR KHAN making the right noise; it’s time for great expectations all over again from Farah Khan. Her blue-eyed boy is not any Khan this time. It’s Akshay who is basking in the attention of this lady these days.
Her praise and high regard for Akshay Kumar seems to have completely left her spellbound. These days whenever Farah opens her mouth, the first thing you will notice is the profuse praise that she showers on her TEES MAAR KHAN.
And why not, it’s learnt that Akshay never for a moment complained of anything while shooting for the film. At times he would even go out of his way and accommodate his schedule as per the availability of other actors.
For all these reasons, Farah has given Akshay Kumar a new title. She calls him a mazdoor since Akshay Kumar is only concerned with his work and nothing. No back biting, no playing politics, a complete Mr Clean.
Talking about working with Akshay Kumar, Farah Khan says, “He is a positive energy to have around. He has absolutely no ego. He is just a mazdoor (labourer) who does gadha mazdoori (works like an ass). That’s also what has brought him so far. I have never heard him say bad things about anyone. And if he couldn’t say something good, he kept quiet. He doesn’t waste his time backbiting.”