Facebook group supports castration for rapists


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New Delhi: After a judge suggested castration as an alternative punishment for rapists, a group of men in the virtual world have come out in full support through a forum called ‘Support castration' under the group ‘True World' on Facebook.

"Chemical castration is the best way to stop rapes. The judge is absolutely right in supporting the punishment," posted Ishan Kathuria, 23, a member of the group.

The group has over 300 members, many of whom supported the form of punishment.

In an observation, a trial court on Saturday advocated the use of ‘chemical castration' as an alternative to a jail term for rapists.

Alternative sentences

Additional sessions judge at Delhi's Rohini Court Kamini Lau said: "The Indian legislatures are yet to... address the issue [of rape] with all seriousness by exploring the possibility of permitting imposition of alternative sentences of surgical castration or chemical castration, particularly in cases involving rape of minors, serial offenders and child molesters or as a condition for probation, or as an alternative sentence in case of plea bargaining."

Lau suggested castration as an alternative punishment for rapists while hearing the case against a man who had raped his 15-year-old step-daughter for over four years.

"Chemical castration is the way to go. Surgical castration seems too strict a measure to take but I guess in some situations it would seem like the only way," wrote 22-year-old Rahul Gupta, another member of the group.

The group has a moderator who raised the question after the judge's comments sparked a debate if the punishment would help eradicate the crime from society.

"This punishment can be effective. But there should be enough done to implement it. We will soon introduce a campaign where we can gather support from men to stand for the punishment," said Shubham Tripathi, the moderator of the group.

The court directed that a copy of the order be sent to the secretary of ministry of law and justice and the National Commission for Women.

Current punishment

The Indian Penal Code provides only a jail term for sexual offenders. Countries such as the US, Britain and Germany have started using chemical castration as an alternative.

Chemical castration is administration of medication designed to reduce libido and sexual activity, usually in the hope of preventing rapists, child molesters and other sex offenders from repeating their crimes. In surgical castration, the testes are removed.