Easy Eye Makeup Tips


Many of us realize that the eyes are the most essential part of the make up of the face. They are a window into just who we are.

Your eye makeup is perhaps the most important part of your overall look. Eyes get attention, draw people in, and communicate a great deal about you before you say a word. But, if done poorly, eye makeup can be the first clue that you are wearing too much makeup, or are simply trying too hard. The trick is knowing when and where to use different eye makeup looks.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Spend an afternoon or evening in playing with makeup; don’t try to create a brand-new look thirty minutes before a hot party. Practice applying eye makeup tricks until you can do it with a steady hand.

Some Easy Eye Makeup Tips

* Start with a freshly exfoliated face.
* To hide under eye dark circles, select a cosmetic under eye concealer of a good brand.
* Make sure that it is one shade lighter than the foundation you are using.
* Place three dots of concealer under each eye.
* Start at the inner corner where the skin is darkest, on under the pupil and on the outer edge.
* Strike with your ring finger until the dots disappear and blend into the skin.
* Generally, avoid concealers with and oil base as they tend to settle into the fine lines under your eyes and draw attention to the circles.

Apply Eye Shadow

* Eye shadows are used to enhance the charm of your eyes and are an all-time favorite make-up accessory. They can be powdered, matted or semi matted. You need to make sure that the eye shadow you select enhances your eyes instead of dominating them.
* If your eyes are too close together, apply the shadow from the centre of the eye lid towards the outside.
* If the eyes are in a hollow, apply the shadow on the whole eye lid as far as the underside of the eyebrow and then shade it off with the finger.
* If fine lines surround your eyes, shade off the shadow towards the outside of the eyelid.
* Apply a little shadow beneath the eyes along the lower lash line to give your eyes a subtle glamorous look.
* If you are using two colors, start with the lighter shade from the inner corner of the eye covering the lid and below the brow bone.
* Build on this with a darker color in the crease, from the centre and brush till the end of the eyebrow.

Apply Eyeliner

* A thin line of eyeliner is the perfect way to give a new definition to your eyes.
* Liquid eyeliners work well with most eyes. Draw a line across the upper lid just above the lashes starting from the inner corner to the other.
* Remember, liquid liner has to be applied in one smooth stroke.
* Dark eye shadows work great as eye liners. However, the eyeliner pencil is definitely the easiest to use and has the most natural effect, but it does not last long.
* Highlighting the Brow Bone
* Dab a little highlighter on your brow bone, concentrating on your mid brow.
* Gently smudge with a finger.
* To lift your eyes and for creating a bright effect, you can choose shimmer white or pale gold as they are in vogue.

Apply Mascara

* The final step is to apply mascara that will prep your eyes with flaps of thick, long eyelashes.
* Coat lashes with the mascara wand from the very base of the upper eye lashes to the tips with full strokes.
* Hold the wand vertically while applying mascara to the lower lashes, running it from side to side.
* Apply a thin coat first and wait until it dries up completely, then build up with a second coat.
* When applying mascara to the lower lashes, gently brush the tip of the applicator across them as it gives your eyes a wider look.
* You may opt for mascaras that contain ingredients for nourishing the eyelashes.


* You may look exceptionally good after this. Do not be alarmed if you get extra attention.
* Get a trusted person to tell you if you’ve gone overboard with the make-up.