[E3AU] Australia's First South Asian Record Label Launches


3 Hops on Over to Australia

After successfully securing both the UK & North American markets, 'E3' will be launching their third label, notably titled E3AU.

E3AU will be launching in Australia in the coming months and will revolutionize the landscape of Punjabi music in Australia, changing the way Punjabi music is distributed & promoted in Australia.

E3UK first saw its launch in 2010 and has grown to become one of the strongest South Asian music labels in the UK, home to household names such as DJ H, Bollywood playback singer Labh Janjua & current singing sensation Saini Surinder.

2011 saw the label expand into North America with E3NA, supporting Bhangra artists in both Canada & United States. E3NA has seen successful singles from Dj KSR, The Firm, Jassi Singh & Joti Dhillon.

E3AU will see a host of talented Australian artists collaborate with the label including; Jaskurn Gosal, Pav Dharia & MoFolactic! The trio will become the bedrock of the new label, releasing quality new music and establishing Australian Bhangra as a force to be reckoned with.

Melbourne based MoFolactic has been a music producer for over ten years but has only recently chosen to venture into the Punjabi music scene.

"The quality of Bhangra saw a rapid decline a few years ago and so I primarily focussed my energy on working on mainstream projects for film and television. However I feel that 2013 is the year for Australia to show that it not only has something to offer, but it will bring a much needed fresh perspective to the scene" he said.

In 2012 MoFolactic released his debut Dubstep/Bhangra single HAA! which featured a controversial video clip addressing the issue of ghost production in the industry.

Also working with E3AU out of Melbourne is Pav Dharia, an accomplished singer, producer, director and videographer. Pav has been on the scene for less than 24 months but has already seen his projects attract millions of views on YouTube, including the hit track Sohni from Babbal Rai, to which Pav produced both the music and video.

In late 2012 Pav released his own vocal production titled Bewafa which has aired worldwide and also became the first Indian music video to grace the cinema screens before every Australian screening of Shah Rukh Khan's Jab Tak Hai Jaan.
Sharing a common philosophy of promoting good quality Panjabi music, E3AU will provide the bedrock for Panjabi artists in Australia, with a unique single minded focus.

Jaskurn Gosal is a Music Producer/DJ/Promoter/Kangaroo Breeder from Brisbane, Australia. His previous work includes tracks produced on Bakshi Billa's debut album 'Nachne Da Mazza' as well as the most underrated hit of 2010 'Haan Baliye', along with various other singles. He also claims to have penned the lyrics to Gangnam Style...pffttt!

Jaskurn quotes:
"I believe Punjabi/Bhangra music in Australia & NZ has a very bright future. As long as quality control is maintained and the material coming out from an artist is of decent value, the abundance of talent will surely have a chance to shine on the big stage.

E3AU will become an exciting new platform for up & coming artists, as well as those established already, giving them a chance to bring the wider audience back in touch with their culture, traditions and roots, all that have been misrepresented in the pursuit of fame, fortune and fantasies in the past.

Personally I believe that 2013 will be a groundbreaking year for a number of artists. If Australia wasn't already on the Bhangra map before, that's because there is no 'Bhangra' map."

Just keep an ear out and tell us how we're doing down under! Cheers and Hooroo!

Keep it tuned for more information on forthcoming releases by E3AU in the coming months.