Recipe Drunk Chicken Log recipe by Pankaj


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Drunk Chicken Log recipe by Pankaj


3 nos. Boneless Chicken breast
200 ml: Red Wine
To taste: Salt
250 gm: India Gate Basmati Rice

100 gm: Button mushrooms (finely chopped)

4 sprigs: Fresh Thyme (finely chopped)

1/4th cup: Green Olives (sliced)
100 gm: Amul Gouda cheese (grated)

150 gm: Amul Processed Cheese (grated)
1 tsp: Ramdev Pepper powder
20 ml: Olive oil
2 tbsp: Honey
20 ml: Brandy
20 gm: Amul Butter (chilled)


1. Carefully slice out the chicken breasts to open like a book ensuring that you do not cut through the chicken. Spread the Chicken on a flat surface, cover with a cling wrap and beat the chicken with a steak hammer to flatten it out.

2. Marinate the chicken with 50 ml red wine and salt in a bowl and keep aside for 15min.

3. In a large vessel boil the rice with salt and 500 ml of water and drain when done.

4. Add the mushrooms, half the thyme, olives, cheese, salt and pepper to the rice. Bind together and divide into three parts. Shape each part into a log.

5. Place the rice log on one side of the flattened chicken and carefully roll it up ensuring that the entire rice mix is covered and one end overlaps the other. Secure the roll with a thread and refrigerate for 15-20mins.

6. Heat the olive oil in a pan. Add the chicken logs and sear from all the sides.

7. Add the red wine, chopped thyme and cook till almost done. Add the honey and cook till done. Remove the chicken from the pan.

8. Heat the brandy in a ladle and bring to flame point. Add to the hot pan to flambé the sauce. Reduce the Sauce to 30ml. Remove the pan from fire and add the cold butter and stir well.

9. slice the chicken log and drizzle with wine sauce before serving.