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When subjected to an electric current of at least 50 volts, a cat's tail always points toward the north.


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These days everybody is talking about sixers in one-day cricket. During the World Cup in the West Indies South African team hit 18 sixers against Netherlands on Saturday and on Monday the Indian batsmen clouted 18 sixers against Bermuda in Port of Spain.

However there are as many as 1055 innings of the 2542 one day international have not produce a singal six in entire innings. There are quiet a few batsmen who have never hit a six in their international career. Australia’s Glen McGrath is on top with 240 matches without any sixer. India’s Manoj Prabhakar has played 128 ODI without any sixers. The list provides the batsmen who have played more than 60 ODI without any sixers.




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How long is the longest ship in the world?
The longest of ships are oil tankers, of which the Jahre Viking is the king.
Length: 1,503 Feet Width: 226 Feet Tonnage: 565,000 Tons Country: Norway

The longest cruise ship in the world is the Voyager of the Seas.
Length: 1,020 Feet Width: 158 Feet Tonnage: 140,000 Tons Owner: Royal Caribbean Int. Cruises

Notes: The Voyager of the Seas can carry 3,000 guests and 2,000 crew.
Just for reference here are the stats for the Titanic, the longest ship of 1912.

Length: 883 Feet Width: 93 Feet Tonnage: 45,000 Tons

Notes: The Titanic could carry 3,500 guests and crew, but only had enough lifeboats for 1,000.


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Unusual Records

You get a lot of news releases in this job, which is a good thing. It's always fun to read about the newest equipment or the latest trends. An interesting news release arrived in our in-box this morning from Precept, crowing about a couple of unusual records set using the MC Lady (now Lady Diamond) golf ball. The ball isn't really important (although the Precept Lady Diamond is a heck of a golf ball); what's interesting is the records set: Longest hole-in-one and most strokes under age by an age shooter.

The Precept MC Lady ball set sales records a couple years ago and changed the face of the golf ball market with its combination of a soft, solid core and an affordable price. Precept introduced the Laddie to appeal to male golfers unwilling to use a balled called "Lady," and the MC Lady ball is now known as the Precept Lady Diamond.

OK, that's the story of the ball. Here are the stories of the records:

On April 21, 2001, 89-year-old James Morton used the Precept MC Lady ball to shoot an even-par 72 at Valleybrook Golf and Country Club in Hixson, Tenn. Although the round was shot three years ago, Mr. Morton just received his certificate from the Guinness World Records acknowledging the feat (thus the announcement from Precept is just being made). Morton officially holds the record for most strokes below age.

Morton was made an "Honorary Staff Member" of Precept, and the company suited him up with a personalized staff bag, golf clubs and all the Precept Lady balls he could use.

As for the longest hole in one: In 2002, Mike Crean, using the MC Lady, aced the 517-yard, par-5 ninth hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf club near Denver, Colo. The U.S. Golf Register, endorsed by the USGA as the official clearinghouse for holes-in-one in the U.S., has Crean’s feat officially listed as the "longest hole-in-one in American history."