dhillon bhaji :-)

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My big brother means the world to me,
He has always been there for me when I needed him,
He's helped me understand that people will always judge me by the way I talk, how I dress, or cause who I chill with​

He's taught me that I can do whatever as long as I work hard for it,
I will do anything for my big brother
He has helped me with my problems,
he has taught me many things,​

He is my best friend and I trust him more than anyone,
When ever I'm mand or sad he is always ther for me to talk to,
He understands what I tell him and always has an answer for me,​

I love my big brother and I know that he will always be there for me not matter what.​


menu pata nahi lagda ki kava bhaji so eh poem copy paste kar diti
poem da may be koi mooh ser na hove bt :dn

bus srry kehna c
tuhade bday vale thread ch ehni stupid post chep diti
menu lagda c mein sahi likheya bt mein galat likh dita
tusi ve gusse ch thx hit karke chale ge :huh
srry once again
je mere karke hurt hoye hovo


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sippu :aww.......... siso dont worry agar tu kise da mara karna vi chahe ta nai ho sakda ...so tension na le .........and abt bhaji ohna ne oh comment pareya hi nai huna jaldi jaldi ch thanks hit karta huna ...te menu ta oh vi nai kita :(
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