Demon Lover


Rampuriya !!
It is the sweetness of your smile
that takes me in its enticement
Drawing me into a world of pleasure
Of whispers and gentle thoughts
where love is tenderness
In the dance of a wild wind
Where music is Debussy--
the sea and the moonlight
Yet suddenly, your mood changes --
In the thunder of a cannons roar
A crescendo of alluring magnetism
Where simple pleasing gives way
to frenzied loving
Gentle reassurance drawn
into a hot house
of ecstasy
Contrasting colors in rainbow
Climactic cries in the midst
of a soft barely felt embrace
Your love is like an emerald
Deep green alluring
like an ocean of sensuality
Bright reverberating charisma
Sparkling in its false innocence
a demon lover in a green velvet
cloak of worldly passion
You are my rose and my
My enigmatic garden
of a myriad sensations
You are my soul's delight
My demon lover
dancing in the milky
waves of an emerald sea