Dear Ravana

Arun Bhardwaj

-->> Rule-Breaker <<--
Dear Ravana.....
Every year, on this day, we celebrate the victory of good over evil....
But..technically....your behaviour should be re-classified from "Evil" to "Slightly Naughty".
After all, tumne kiya hi kya tha?
I agree you kidnapped a lady in haste...
But.. after gave her more respect we normally give to women in today's world.
You offered her good food...shelter...and even women security guards (not too good looking though tongue emoticon )
Your request for marriage was full of humility.. and you never threw acids when rejected.
Even when Lord Rama killed you.... you were wise enough to seek his apologies.
And...I believe you were more educated than half of our Parliament.
Trust me dude...there ain't no any hard feelings to burn you...
Just that it's the In-Thing nowadays.
Respect !! smile emoticon smile emoticon


Prime VIP

Raavan was a good person...but when he gained all the powers he had...he then became a bad person.....

Grandiosity was the main reason then fr his end

Nd with this grandiose behaviour he kidnapped Sita ji

But kalyug as compared to satyug is having n number of Ravans
Nd yhese ravans are set free after commiting crimes that are even worse then wat Ravan od satyug did

Its we who make the society..not the society who make us

Each nd every individual can make a difference

But only if one tries