Court told of family rape terror

A schoolgirl gave birth to a baby boy after being raped by three members of her step family, Cardiff Crown Court has been told.

The jury heard the girl was sexually abused from the age of five after her mother married her step-father.

It is alleged she was repeatedly raped by her step-father, step-uncle and step-cousin falling pregnant at 14. They deny all charges.

During her pregnancy she said she was hidden in a wardrobe.

Prosecutor Marion Lewis said the first time she saw a doctor she was seven months pregnant.

"When the baby was born the girl's parents told friends and neighbours it was their own - before flying their daughter to India for an arranged marriage," she said

She was hidden, sometimes in a wardrobe and visitors were told she'd gone back to India
Marion Lewis, prosecuting

A step-uncle, 55, is alleged to be the baby's father and the two other relatives are also accused of rape.

Miss Lewis said the girl went to police in 2008 and told them she had been repeatedly abused from the age of five.

"When aged 14 and a pupil at school, her stomach was expanding and a scan revealed she was seven months pregnant," Miss Lewis said.

"Her mother beat her all over her body apart from the face with a curtain pole.

"She was hidden, sometimes in a wardrobe and visitors were told she'd gone back to India.

"She was terrified and didn't know how to explain about her step-uncle until she was in labour when she named him and was called a liar by her mother."

The jury was told when the girl was 18 she was married in India before returning to the family in Cardiff.

Miss Lewis said: "Back in Cardiff the abuse resumed and her husband later divorced her."

Her step-uncle, step-father, 50, and step-cousin, 27, face 22 counts of rape and indecency.

The trial continues.


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