Corsair H100 Liquid Cooling System Review


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Today we are going to have a look at the latest and largest liquid based CPU cooler Corsair ever released, the Hydro Series H100.

A new design cooling block with internally regulated control for pump and fans. Next to that what’s interesting is that this product is based on a dual 120mm rad, and that gives the series a heck of lot more performance over previous products.
The overall looks are just terrific all black design, fairly easy to install with the new mounting system, prefilled .. it’s one of the most easy and comfortable kits on the market to use and install.

So its somewhere in-between exceptional heatpipe cooling and the better LCS setups, and that’s a good position to be in we think. Anyway, for upper mainstream to high-end usage this kit is really suitable.

Absolutely lovely is the integrated fan controller. Select your preferred mode as in silent, normal or performance and you are good to go. Personally I’d set it at silent mode as you really can’t hear the thing yet still will be able to overclock reasonably well.

Still, normal RPM really increases cooling performance yet remains acceptable in noise levels as well. Well, it’s good to have choices right?

With an MSRP of 120$ USD the Corsair H100 may not be a very cheap cooling device when compared to air coolers but it certainly offers good value to people who want to move towards a serious, high performance liquid cooling solution.

The five year long manufacturer warranty and the socket 2011 support are the icing on the cake, ensuring that those who will purchase a H100 liquid CPU cooler will get great long-term value out of their money.