Corel Draw 12 Problem

Anyone please help regarding this.....

I have corel draw 12 installed in windows 7.
while installing i inserted the serial key which is valid
but it is giving this warning (which is shown in pic)

Please solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.


@DBF veerey oh taan theek aa par menu eh panga hi ni chahida....jadon on karna howe odo aa janda....register taan kita peya fir kyun aayi janda


dsys ale ch kinne option hai 15 ton ilava?
baki ehi ho sakda k fake id nal registrr kerna pao shayad

kit walker

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Basically it ask you to register on corel website to check your legitimate key. And genuine registration will provide you additional content available online like templates and themes.

kit walker

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You can opt for registration. or try ignoring it completely. It is just a harmless annoying popup.


bro eh serial key wala panga nai hai just registering aa ohna de website database te !! karni kar de ..cancel karni cancel karde ..koi panga nai !!
theek aa ji.....mehrbaani

par jad v register kro te oh kehnda eh purana version aa te corel wale isnu support nahi karde......oh kehnde nwa karlo :p
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