Comcast Promised to Bring Skype to TV


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Comcast announced the partnership with Skype, which will allow it bring clear, widescreen Skype video calls using users’ existing HDTV and Internet connection.

It seems that the web continues expanding into your living room, with the news that Comcast and Skype have concluded a deal to bring Skype to the TV. This would allow Comcast subscribers to make calls to their family and friends in an extremely easy and convenient way.

Tony Bates, Skype CEO, said that the company was glad to announce the partnership with Comcast, as their combination of broad living room reach and innovative communications platform with a huge community of users will be able to deliver video calling into the very heart of your home. In other words, the cooperation of the companies will allow you to share any of your life’s experiences, whether big or small.

In the nearest future, Comcast subscribers will be able to make Skype video calls to their friends and relatives using Skype from any devices around their homes – home TVs, computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Neil Smit, Comcast Cable CEO, confirmed that the unique relationship with Skype will surely change the nature of their customers’ interaction with their televisions. In addition, the new opportunities will also be able to create new and meaningful ways to bring the consumers closer to people they care about. Everyone understands that television has successfully evolved into a social experience, so Comcast and Skype together will deliver to their customers a product able to personalize the TV experience, as well as to bring friends and family together via the biggest screens in their homes.

The new features of the joint project will include making and receiving video and audio calls, as well as sending instant messages through Skype on a television while watching TV. In addition, the new service will allow people accept incoming calls during a TV show with Caller ID. The same features will be realized on a compatible cell phone or tablet. The service will also allow to import friends to your address book from many contact lists, including Outlook, Facebook, Gmail and smartphone, then search for them on Skype and be able to see when they are online and available to talk.

To be able to use the new service, the users need to have Comcast HDTV and an adapter box containing a video camera and a specifically designed remote control enabling subscribers to text on Skype while controlling their TV.