Cloning Ur Mobile Phone

Cloning your mobile phone!!!!
The objective here is to have two fully functioning mobile phones while only paying one bill. You?ll need two cell phones, one with service and another without.

Now the first step is to find the secret menu on your cell. is one of the best places to find that out, just search for your model number and check out some of the hacks.

After you enter in the secret number and enter the secret menu on the serviced phone, look for your phones ESN. ESN (Electronic Serial Number) - Each cellular phone is assigned a unique ESN, which is automatically transmitted to the cellular tower station every time a cellular call is placed. The Mobile Telephone Switching Office validates the ESN with each call. Usually it says serial number right on it so its simple to find.

After that write the serial number down along with your phone number and area code. Next on the phone that does not have service do the same exact steps to get to the secret menu and then go to the serial number clear the number thats already in there and input the serial number of the phone that has service. Then you have to find your code to be able to change your number (For Nokia phones the secret menu is *3001#12345#, and the number changer is #639#).

Then change the number to the serviced phone and there ya go you have two phones for the price of one? One thing I might add though is that if two people are using the two phones which is the idea here whichever phone the tower finds first is the one it will ring. A little inconvenience but I think its worth it. You can always revert back to the original setting if you are irritated with this hack (Just make sure you note down the ESN number of the dummy phone before erasing and feeding it with the ESN of the serviced phone).

Note :
I am not responsible for your actions. This is just a tutorial for educational purposes. Don't play this trick on somebody else's phone so you can enjoy free calls.