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Mandeep Kaur Guraya

Note : this is made by someone else ...but I loved the idea :x so sharing it here :dr

Love is All You Need

Something about the Chinese soup spoon - the white shiny surface, the wide spoon area - calls out to me like a blank canvas. It’s also a fixture in my life…a symbol of childhood and culture, of home, and of comfort. Of love.

And I love The Beatles. All you need is love, bum bum bumbum be dum, Love is all you need.


Here’s how my “Love is All You Need” Chinese Soup Spoon Wall Art came together.


Four Chinese Soup Spoons, such as these MIU France Chinese Soup Spoon, Bone China, Set of 12, which are very similar in size to these ones I got at a local Asian supermarket.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Wood Pieces. You can use several pieces of wood glued/nailed together, or one big piece.

A strong glue, such as Gorilla Glue.

Black and red cardstock


A template to cut out letters. You can use an electronic cutter like a Cricut, or you can print out letters and trace them and cut out by hand as I did.
Heart shaped paper punch (or cut it by hand).

Transfer paper, ballpoint pen or stylus, acrylic paint and thin paint brush to paint lettering (or you can use a stencil and stencil brush)

Hanging hardware and twine


The Dimensional Magic takes a while to dry, so I started with the spoons. First, cut out your letters. I printed out the letters L, V and E using MS Word with Britannic Bold Font, 150 pt. I cut out the letters and then traced them onto black cardstock, and cut out the cardstock. Also cut out a red heart for the letter O.


Place them into the spoons and fill with Dimensional Magic about 1/2 of the way.


Notes on using Dimensional Magic:

* Don’t shake the bottle or you will get air bubbles, which are really hard to pop! If you do get air bubbles, use a toothpick to either try to pop it, or just swish it to the side where it won’t be seen…just make sure it’s not directly above the cardstock.

* The directions on the Dimensional Magic says it takes 3 hours to dry, but it looks like that’s if it’s a thin layer. Because mine is about 1/4 inch thick, it takes a lot longer! I let mine dry for 12 hours, so plan your day accordingly. Sometimes it looked like it was dry, but when I tipped the spoon over, the Dimensional Magic still sloshed around. Which brings me to…

* Don’t move the spoons too much as they’re drying. And make sure you set them aside too so you don’t knock them over.

* But…do check on your spoons periodically. Sometimes the cardstock will float up or reposition lopsidedly. Sometimes, air bubbles will form. Use a toothpick to gently reposition things and pop/swish bubbles to the side.

* Don’t wear a dry clean only sweater while using Dimensional Magic. You will no doubt put your elbow in it.

While the spoons are drying, start working on the wood pieces. I found a bag of wood pieces for $2 at the thrift store.


You can either nail them together or glue them as I did. Or, use one big piece of wood. I used Gorilla Glue, following the directions (wet the surface and apply a super thin bead of glue, let dry for 30-60 minutes). I first glued six pieces together, then glued three pieces together.


I painted the words onto the three pieces. I didn’t glue the three pieces to the rest of them, just in case I messed up (This would also be my first time free-hand painting letters (well sort of…I used transfer paper first)). The font I used was Bauhaus, 100 pt.

The transfer paper was from a stash of vintage sewing supplies I found at a yard sale. I used a ballpoint pen to trace the letters.


Then I used a thin brush to paint on 3 coats of acrylic paint. When dry, glue the 3 pieces of wood to the rest of the pieces.


When the spoons and wood are dry, center the spoons onto the wood. Lightly dampen the back of the spoon and the wood where the spoon will go, and apply a very thin layer of Gorilla Glue. It may seem that the spoon won’t stick, but just give it a gentle press and leave it there. The glue will expand and it will stick.


Finally, add your hanging hardware. I’m using these eye hook thingys, and some twine.


I decided to hang this on my front door until I make something new for Spring!




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