Chamomile Tea


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Chamomile tea is a well-known herbal tea that has medicinal values. It is known for its fruity flavor that often reminds one of apples. Chamomile tea has the capacity to soothe a person down and act as a muscle relaxant as well as a mild sedative. The two essential varieties of chamomile are the Roman and German varieties. Both contain essential oils and anti-oxidants that help the body relax and recover from physical fatigue. Check out information on the benefits of chamomile tea and also learn how to make it.

Chamomile Tea Benefits :

  • Chamomile is best known to be a muscle relaxant. Drinking chamomile tea soothes muscle aches, spasms, stomach and back aches and also reduces menstrual cramps. It is recommended that for visible benefits, you should drink at least 2 cups of chamomile tea every day.
  • Chamomile tea is also beneficial for treating skin problems like burns, allergies, stings, bites, bruises, acne, etc. You would want to cool down the tea and use it in a neat dressing in case of treating a burn; else you can just drink it and enjoy the pleasant feeling.
  • Chamomile tea helps to calm and soothe down feelings of anxiety, nervousness and depression since it has mild sedatives. They relax the brain muscles and induce sleep, thus relaxing the person completely.
  • German Chamomile tea is often used to treat problems like bloating, nausea, gas, irritable bowel syndrome or stomach pain. It is often known as a plant that strengthens the stomach.
How to Make Chamomile Tea :

  • Your first step includes finding chamomile flowers. They are pretty easy to spot; they appear in bunches and are slightly smaller than daisies. They have white delicate petals and a bulging yellow center. You may also visit your local nursery for that. Get a handful of chamomile flowers.
  • Take a saucepan in which you would usually make tea. Pour some water in it and set to boil. Meanwhile, rinse and clean the flowers in cold running water. When the water boils, put in some flowers (2-3 teaspoons for every cup of water) and allow to boil. It makes no difference whether the flowers are fresh or dry; the flavor will be the same.
  • Turn off the gas when the flowers leave out their fragrance and color. Strain the liquid in a cup, to avoid any petals falling in. Add white sugar or honey according to taste. Let the tea cool down a bit and then enjoy drinking it slowly.