Centre sanctions rs 154 cr to punjab


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Chandigarh February 20:
The Government of India (GOI) has sanctioned an additional Rs 154 crore to Punjab under the Jawarharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Scheme (JNNURM). The GOI had earlier sanctioned Rs 226 crore for various projects undertaken in the state.
DS Bains, Principal Secretary, local government, who is in charge of the scheme in Punjab, said this amount had been given under the UDISSMT module of the JNNURM. “For 10 projects of water supply sewerage and sewerage treatment plants in Bathinda, Jalandhar, Majitha, Malout, Muktsar, Pathankot, Sunam and Zirakpur, the Centre has already given Rs 226 crore,” said Bains.
He added that in addition to these projects, similar projects were being taken up in seven other towns - Adampur, Fatehgarh Churian, Ferozepur, Kapurthala, Majitha, Malout, Muktsar- for which the state would get Rs 78 crore from the Centre. “The total cost of the projects in these seven cities is about Rs 124 crore out of which the Centre’s share is Rs 78.2 crore,” explained Bains.
Other than these projects, the state has got an additional Rs 76 crore for the third phase of the Jalandhar sewerage system. This project includes laying of the main trunk line, the lateral sewerage lines and setting up of two sewerage treatment plants, one on Ludhiana road and another on Kapurthala road. “For the first two phases of the Jalandhar sewerage system, the Centre has already paid Rs 100 crore.
We had gone to them for an additional request that a third phase of the system would entail connecting the lateral sewerage lines to the main lines for which another Rs 95.4 crore was needed. They have approved this plan and agreed to pay Rs 76 crore towards the implementation of the third phase,” said Bains..