Caffeine Bracelet Will Satisfy Your Caffeine Fix


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Ever need that morning, afternoon or midnight caffeine fix but find that the coffee is all over? Or have you just grown tired of waiting in line at your favourite coffee shop? Coffee is an addiction that is embraced by the world and it was only expected that technology would make it easier to get your daily caffeine dose without having to face the above-mentioned problems. Enter Joule “caffeine bracelet”.

This new bracelet delivers caffeine straight into your bloodstream via a process called “transdermal administration”. All you need to do is strap on the bracelet, and the skin will absorb the caffeine. This may not leave coffee stains on your teeth but it may stain your skin.

There are a couple of reasons why the makers of Joule, backed by a well-funded Indiegogo campaign, decided to create a caffeine bracelet. Firstly, the skin is said to absorb caffeine a lot faster than by drinking it. Secondly, the bracelet will provide you with a regular dose of caffeine at regular intervals so as to prevent the body from crashing. Lastly, the video below will make you want to buy the bracelet even if you ignore everything we just said.

Is this caffeine bracelet healthy or just borderline insane, we don’t know yet. But it sure does sound cool.