Punjab News Bus fare hike in the offing


Prime VIP
Pathankot, June 29

The Punjab Government is mulling a hike in bus fares from 56 to 60 paise per km. Confirming this development, state Transport Minister Master Mohan Lal said the government was left with no other option than to increase the fares in the wake of hike in the price of diesel.

The minister said a final decision in this regard would be taken within a few days. He added that this was the second time when the government would be hiking bus fares in the past two months. Earlier, it had hiked bus fares from 49 to 56 paise per km.

The minister said an increase in the bus fares of the Punjab Roadways, Punbus and PRTC would bring in revenue of Rs 10 crore per year.

He said it had become imperative on the part of the state to increase bus fares as all three transport entities of the state- PR, Punbus and PRTC- would have suffered major losses. “We have decided to increase the fares after weighing all pros and cons. We can’t let our public transport system run into losses. Our cumulative losses have been pegged at Rs 162 crore,” he added.