Broken Promise

You told me you loved me
I told you I loved you too
You said together we'd always be
I said I would be true
You promised you would hold me
You promised you'd be there
I promised I'd cross the stormy sea To give you my loving care
But you never kept your promise
You aren't the way you used to be
You just gave up on us And you just gave up on me
You said let's take a break
You said let's just be friends
But please for my sake Just say the truth, cause it's the end
You promised every day That you would be there
You molded my heart like clay Into the shape of a broken chair
You promised to me That we'd always have our love
You said to me I was all you could think of
But, now, your walking away Saying "let's just be friends"
Now, you made my heart break
That's your way of saying it's the end
Why did you make a promise you couldn't keep?
Why did you make a promise you wouldn't live up to?
Why did you make a promise that was so cheap?
Why did you make a promise to this broken hearten fool?
Why did you promise we'd be together?
Why did you say you dreamed of me in your sleep?
Why did you promise to love me forever?
Why did you make a promise you could not keep