Broccoli Extract May Help Prevent Skin C


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Broccoli Extract May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

As per a recent finding by scientists at Johns Hopkins University, the broccoli comprises a chemical 'sulphoraphane' that activates cancer-fighting enzymes within the cells. In order to demonstrate this anti-cancer characteristic in broccoli plant, investigators smudged some of its extract on the skin of three volunteers for three consecutive days and exposed them to high amount of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is the main cause of skin cancer in human beings. After a thorough examination, the scientists showed how the skin patches covered with broccoli extract had about 37 per cent less redness and sunburn.

Redness and sunburn are signs of skin damage in human beings, which can lead to skin cancer. Paul Talalay (the head scientist), who supervised the broccoli experiment said that though sunscreen provided little protection against ultraviolet rays, it did not mean that people should stop using it. At the same time, the scientists also discouraged people from applying broccoli sprout soup on their skin thinking that it would provide them protection against the sun. They explained that this is a totally different process and could not possibly work as substitute for sunscreen. The need for further study on broccoli was stated for accurate result.