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mere local drive E wich BOOT name da folder bania hoia jo delete nahi ho reha & main disc cleanup naal naal v kuj ne hoia :(

jad koi windows install karo ooh folder chak lenda te Boot menu wich Windows 7 di option aa jandi ..?
1. Download and install a free version of the EasyBCD program, then run it.

2. Click on the Edit Boot Menu button, select the OS (ex: Microsoft Windows Vista) that you want to delete, and click on the Delete button.
NOTE: If the OS you want to delete from the list is the Default OS, then you will need to change the default operating system to another listed OS first.

3. Click/tap on Yes to confirm deletion.

4. The OS (ex: Microsoft Windows Vista) is now deleted.

5. When finished, close EasyBCD.

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Pher rehan deyo. Ik file release utility hundi hai jo currently used file nu delete karan di option de dendi hai. Google for it.
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