Blast puts Delhi on high alert


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New Delhi: The Indian capital was put on high alert on Wednesdy following a low intensity blast outside the Delhi High Court.

According to local Delhi Police, the blast took place in a public car park close to the court canteen but no one was injured.

It was believed the minor blast was not intended to kill anyone, but the act is being seen as daring and a breach of security due to its proximity to the capital.

"A small packet was kept close to a car in the parking near gate number seven of the Delhi High Court," Special Commissioner of Police Dharmendra Kumar said.

The explosion took place around 1.15pm near a car belonging to a solicitor. The car suffered minor damage

Open area

"It was a low intensity blast. It is an open access area and anyone can come here. The lawyer to whom the car belonged had nothing to do with the blast," Kumar said. Parking attendants put out a fire caused by the explosion by pouring buckets of water onto the car and to prevent the damage of other vehicles before police and firefighters arrived.

A high alert was sounded and various teams were formed to comb key localities in the city for further bombs.

The incident is being seen as a warning to security forces that despite their best efforts terrorists are still in the city.

Police said it was not an accident and that the bomb, kept in a plastic bag, was purposely placed in the parking area.

Personnel from the Delhi Police's Special Cell, anti-terror unit and Bomb Detection and Disposal Unit immediately rushed to the site along with four firefighters.

Security personnel cordoned off the area and were examining the explosion site.

No terror group has so far claimed responsibility for the blast.

The court was in session when the explosion occurred. Justices S.K. Kaul and G.S. Sistani visited the site and promised to review security in and around the court complex.

Vehicles parking in the area had not been checked as it was a public facility and no CCTV cameras were installed nearby.