Bigg Boss 5:Gulabo Sapera hints on Pooja Mishra's drug abuse


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Rajasthani folk dancer Gulabo Sapera, who has been evicted from Bigg Boss 5 house, has hinted on contestant Pooja Mishra's drug abuse in the house. The women rights activist has revealed that Pooja smokes in the house and when she smokes her behaviour will completely be abnormal.


In an exclusive interview with Bigg Boss official website, Gulabo Sapera says that she was disgusted with the female contestants in the house. Talking about Pooja Mishra, the folk dancer said, "I was a friend of her, but other housemates were telling that she is a bad girl and many other bad things about Pooja. When I went closer to her, she was apparently in depressed state of mind."

She adds, "In couple of our conversation, she revealed that she has a foreign boyfriend and she does not like Indian men. She wanted me to dress her and teach her dance. I said yes hoping that at least this way, she will come on right track and survive more number of days in the house. I even taught her dance."

Gulabo Sapera further says, "Immediately, she goes silent and looks like changed. But sometimes, she goes to toilet holding a cigarette. I don't know what she consumes inside the toilet. When she comes out of it, she appears with a strange behaviour, which looks like she is coming to beat us. I think she has come with the preparation of all these things."

However, Gulabo Sapera is very disappointed with her eviction because despite not getting into a spat with anyone, she was evicted and the people who fight and brawl are the ones who will survive. Another reason for her disappointment is that she expected the show would realise her dreams of promoting her folk dance and opening a school for kids in her community. But she is leaving the house without fulfilling even one.​