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Salman Khan Grills Lovebirds Kishwer And Suyyash!

As earlier we all ready informed that Salman Khan is not going to spare any of Bigg Boss 9 contestants this weekend. As we all know during the ‘Highway’ task, Prince violated the task rules by helping Kishwer even after getting eliminated from the task. Also Kishwer broke many rules during the task in which one of the biggest was when she walked off while Bigg Boss was talking to her.

Grilling each and every contestant, Salman Khan banged Kishwer by saying that that nobody has the right to disrespect Bigg Boss and that she had violated this very rule a lot of times. No sparing her boyfriend Suyyash, Salman also said that Suyyash and Prince should stop bullying the other inmates.

Salman told Prince and Suyyash that when they charge on other inmates, it becomes very intimidating especially for girls. While Prince tried to justify his aggression, Suyyash and Kishwer maintained silence.

Prince didn’t leave a single chance to harass Mandana while she was sitting on the cycle rickshaw during the task. He even brought out Mandana’s luggage and took out her clothes which was not only unethical towards the task. Keeping all this in mind, Salman Khan literally banged Prince for his aggressive and wrong behavior. Salman also said that he has done a very disrespectful thing in the house. He asked Prince to change his behavior from now onwards. Giving an example, Salman Khan said to Prince that what if such things were done to your sister and that what would be your reaction


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Here’s Why Puneet Vashisht Got Evicted From The House

Puneet Vashisht entered the Bigg Boss house as the second wild card with an agenda to shake up the house and turn up the crazy quotient inside the house. This multi-talented actor made a dramatic entry with a lot of enthusiasm and came with a promise to entertain everyone till they drop. But fate had something else planned for Puneet and just in a week’s time, he made an exit from the show.

During Puneet’s stay inside the Bigg Boss 9 house, nothing seemed to be working in his favor and he drew a lot a criticism for his berserk antics. The housemates found it difficult to adjust with his personality and preferred to keep him at distance most of the time. He began his journey on a bad note by manipulating Digangana and by passing nasty comments on Mandana during ‘Highway’task. Puneet got into everyone’s bad books including Salman Khan’s for his arrogant and smugness. During the course of his journey of Bigg Boss 9, Puneet ended up making more foes than friends and all this resulted in his early exit from the house.

Speaking about his exit from the Bigg Boss house, Puneet Vashisht said, “I came on Bigg Boss 9 with a motive to entertain everyone and add to the madness. It has truly been a learning experience for me and I am glad to have become a part of this how. I think I was unable to strike a connect with the housemates and the audience during my stay inside the house and given another chance, I would like to give it a shot once again.”


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Kishwer Upset And Disturbed By Kamya Punjabi’s Comment

Kamya Punjabi calls Kishwer ‘uncultured’ on Bigg Boss! Kishwer’s friend Kamya Punjabi is not very happy with Kishwer and Suyyash’s conduct on Bigg Boss 9. Kamya Punjabi is an ardent Bigg Boss viewer. She was present as a panelist on Bigg Boss 9 during which she interacted with the contestants and gave them an outsiders perspective on their conduct inside the house.

Kamya expressed her disappointment with Kishwer for calling the other housemates ‘uneducated’ and ‘uncultured’. Kamya told Kishwer that by calling names for others and her present behavior in the house makes her look uncultured.

This did not go down well with Kishwer and she seemed visibly upset and disturbed by Kamya’s comment. Nothing can be hidden in the Bigg Boss house. The transparency in the show reveals the true nature of every housemate living in the house.


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Rishabh Sinha Asks Mandana Karimi For A Kiss!

Bigg Boss 9 contestants have turned to innocent kids for the luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachche’. Just like any other kid, these contestants are also creating nuisances in the house in order to trouble the caretakers of BB nursery.

Apart from living and experiencing of being kids again, this task is not to be taken lightly as it is the luxury budget task for this week and also the nominations for this week will be decided according to their performance in the task.

The housemates play children and the daycare staff will be responsible to take care of these children with a series of guidelines that they will have to follow whatever the kids ask. With this, naughty Rishabh who got a chance to flirt with Mandana, who is also caretaker for him in the task, asks for a kiss in a funny way. Being into the mood of task, Rishabh asks for a kiss from Mandana, but interestingly Aman and Suyyash end up kissing him on his cheeks. Well, this is Rishabh’s style to hit six on the googly ball?


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Mandana faces eviction, gets sent to secret room

On Tuesday’s episode, Mandana Karimi gets evicted from the show and sent out of the house, only to the secret room of Bigg Boss house.

After the Shararati Bachche task, Bigg Boss asks Rimi to name the contestant who performed worst and she names Mandana as she quit the task twice. Hearing her name, Bigg Boss announces that Mandana will be evicted and asks her to pack her bags. The actor, however, is sent to the secret room from where she can see the her co-contestants but they believe that she’s out of the show.

Early in the day, the roles are reversed making Rishabh, Kishwar, Rochelle and Prince the caretakers while Suyyash, Aman, Mandana are now the kids in the house. From Aman and Suyyash hitting each other with pillows to Digangana throwing a tantrum wanting her hair band back, the kids try their best to irritate their caretakers. Suyyash claims that Prince got too physical with him and this sparks an intense argument between the buddies.

When Digangana takes the carpet out of the house, Rishabh stops her from going out. Suyyash says that Digangana is a child and can do anything she wants to but Prince claims that it is against Bigg Boss’ orders to go out of the house. Prince and Suyyash get into an argument once again and when Rishabh intervenes, Suyyash asks him to stay out of it.

Seeing Mandana actively participating in the task, Kishwer and Prince claim that she was simply throwing tantrums and was not well the previous day. Mandana gets angry at Prince and claims that Prince has hurt her.

The housemates finally come to a consensus on the rules and when we finally begin to believe that peace has been restored, Suyyash and Prince get into a tiff once again. While Prince is trying to get Suyyash out of the bedroom, Aman holds on to the bedroom door tightly. This annoys Prince and he claims unfairness.

When Rochelle tries to pull Mandana’s diaper down, Mandana claims that Rochelle got physical with her and quits the game out of anger. Irritated with the whole ordeal, Mandana also swears at Prince.


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6 Things You Need To Know About Priya Malik, The Next Wild Card Entry On Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 9 seems to have picked up some pace. All courtesy, not any fights or crying, but the motionless Rimi Sen. Up next from the makers, to add fuel to all the fire, is the current season's first international contestant. The upcoming wild-card entry will be Indian-born Priya Malik, who seems to be landing in the house straight from the Australian version of the show Big Brother. Let's give you some details about Priya. 1. Dubbed as 'Posh Spice' of the house, Indian-origin comedian Priya Malik made waves in Big Brother Australia 2014.

2. The 28-year-old teacher was born and brought up in Dehradun and got her English Honors degree from Delhi University. Priya went on to study at Uni SA and was teaching at an Australian college before making her way to the show. She writes poetry and was the South Australia State Finalist for the Australian Poetry Slam in September 2013.

3. She is, however, more popular as a comedian and made her way to 'Adelaide Comedy', which brings the world's funniest stand up comedians together.

4. Priya's stint on Big Brother came when she was nominated for the show, and was subsequently called for an interview. She went on to become one of the most popular participants, and created quite a stir with her volatile nature in the house.

5. Priya was the audience's favourite as she drove all contestants up the wall with her bizarre ways. She even sacrificed everyone's meal for an entire week for her own benefit.

6. Like Shilpa Shetty, Priya also became a victim of racist and sexist abuse as an Australian housemate. She, however, confidently stood up against all odds.


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Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: You Won’t Believe What Surprise Rochelle Rao Will Receive On Her Birthday!

After surprise birthday party for Prince Narula, we exclusively reveal that Bigg Boss 9 has also planned surprise birthday plans for Rochelle Rao who will celebrate her birthday on November 25.

Well , we all are aware that Rochelle‘s boyfriend Keith who made an emergency exit from the show is entering the house on Rochelle‘s birthday. Yes, Keith is the surprise gift for Rochelle Rao on her birthday.

Excited to see him back on the show? The handsome hunk is entering back on the show. Gear up guys!